Saturday, July 19, 2008

Essex County Greenbelt Association Trail 10k

Very briefly - it was hot, it was humid and I wasn't very disciplined this week in my training. Thursday I went out and ran 8 miles on the roads at about 7:40 pace which is fast for me - great that I could do it, but stupid after Sunday's Quad thrashing. Then Friday I ran an "easy" twenty after work, sandwiched between work and a family obligation, which meant I was worried about time and stressed, which meant I ran WAY too fast on an easy day pre-race.

On the positive side, this training week included 5 days of running with one day in the gym working on upper body and core endurance/strength. I seem to be continuing to lose weight and am getting down towards 190, which turns the clock back to almost 2002/2003. I think in May 2002 I was 180, which means sometime between May of 2002 and May of 2003 I made it up to 190. If I can get to 180 this fall I would be SO happy! I wouldn't care where my running times were at.

I'll drop more on the race a little later, but with the time I have right now, I have reached the point where I have not signed up for any races - perhaps the next race is Labor Day weekend at the Wrentham Forest 20k, Run to the Rock Half Marathon back home in Plymouth, or Ollie in South Boston for the club. The thought now is to keep running, and perhaps start training in ernest for the Bay State Marathon, or the Cape Cod Marathon, or more simply, a Fall Marathon.

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Dan said...

Hi Rob
It was great meeting you on the trail today. Sorry I couldn't keep up with you! The humidity was killing me. Maybe some steamroom trainng would help? I really like your blog and looking forward to reading more.