Monday, July 14, 2008


Every endeavour has a starting point, or, in this case, a start line. My start line of choice happens to be a lime line across a gravel road or forest trail.

This blog is basically dedicated to the adventures of a runner who once was a speed baron, nothing All-American caliber, but alpha-dog of the XC team, 4:40 miler, and copious miles of weekly training miles. Then life happened and I gained a wife, two kids, and close to 75 pounds. Speed baron no more, I looked for the lifestyle changes that would get me back into shape where I could be able to enjoy running again. Two and a half years of walking and eventually running have got me back to modest weekly mileage and the ability to train for more than just 5ks. My 5k time has taken a significant drop, but with the loss of speed, I have found a new appreciation for the middle and back of the pack. I have also gained a new appreciation for the sport of running, and the basic satisfaction of setting and realizing goals.

So here we are on the line, in these races there is no gun, there might be an airhorn, but mostly you'll find a weathered Race Director who will let you know that he started the timer and you should probably start running.

Shall we?

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