Saturday, August 23, 2008


So it is official, I am registered to participate in the 31st running of the Cape Cod Marathon. I guess part of the reasoning was that there is not a Marathon in my hometown of Plymouth, and I always wanted to run my first marathon close to where my running career began. Bay State was just filling up way too quick, and 2 x 13.1 road loops was not really that appealing to me. I really wanted to run a point to point or loop course. Obviously with it being a shoreline course I have assumed the possibility of the weather being absolutely nasty, not to mention the wind.

It is sort of cool though, the marathon is on October 26th, which is around the time my college XC season would be peaking with our conference meet. I think it is also sort of appropriate that the same weekend I was once preparing for a big race in college will still be big in this, my second life as a runner. It certainly makes me reflect here on August 23rd how long and short the Fall can be. In some ways there are over 8 weeks of training between now and then, but in the same light.... there are only 8 weeks! It is hard paying a large fee for a race with so much time to go before the gun, but if I wait a couple more weeks, I may not have a spot in the race. Definitely a paradox.

Now with a commitment for the race I am locked in. There is really no backing out now. I have been waiting for this and I really hope this is the endurance race that inspires me to do longer and tougher races.

As of right now, the calendar just has the Run to the Rock in two weeks, and, of course, the Cape Cod Marathon. As far as goals are concerned, I'd like to run Cape Cod in under 4 hours, and, depending on the conditions in two weeks, I really think I can run the Half Marathon in 1:45 or 1:50. Breaking 2 hours is the basic goal, but there are too many extended downhills on the second half of the course that can be attacked to warrant anything more than 2 hours. Of course, if the conditions that forced me to not run last year's race are present I'll still be running, but it will be a far different strategy.

Beyond Plymouth and Cape Cod, I am hoping to get back on the trails for more endurance and trail racing. Perhaps the Fat Ass 50k in January and then any number of options for a spring ultramarathon. Locally the Pinelands Races in Maine, or, not so locally, the Promise Land 50k down in Virginia:

There is so much out there I want to try!

In any event, I imagine once the bug population takes a dip in September I will be back entrenched on the trails, even with road running goals.

Training update when I get around to my long run today!

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