Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some Olympic Running Thoughts.....

The Men's Olympic 10k was amazing.

Team running at it's finest as it really looked like a tri-meet between the Kenyan, Ethiopian and Eritrean men. Tadesse Bekele's last lap was amazing. Navigating the traffic of lapped runners and keeping the focus and awareness of where the other lead runners were is something that other's can't really understand unless you have ever been in a situation where you are trying to sprint through traffic in a larger race. It was also amazing to see Haile be so successful as the elder statesman of the 10k field. I really would have liked to see Geb run the Marathon as he was originally pegged for before pollution concerns caused him to dial back to the 10k.

Speaking of the elite elders, Tomescu from Romania was amazing in her Olympic Marathon performance. It takes an amazing amount of guts and fortitude to break away from the lead pack with over 9 miles to go in the race. It has been widely mentioned that this is her tactic in marathons, and she has won and lost using this tactic, but I have to say that I was glued to the TV while my wife and brother in law were puzzled by my trance-like interest in a seemingly boring event. Nonetheless, it was amazing to see that her move proved to be at the right time and she cruised to Olympic Gold.

Definite congrats go out to Shalane Flanagan for her run in the Women's Olympic 10k. Shalane is a runner I have followed over the years, basically because she was a Massachusetts Cross Country and Track standout at Marblehead HS. When she ran well at UNC and set herself apart from other collegiate runners and began to ascend on to the world class level, it was clear that one of the Mass HS phenoms might actually break through on the Olympic level one day. With her medal she sets herself apart from the other outstanding MA runners that have yet to accomplish 'Olympic Hero' status.

As I type.... Wow, Jamaican women go 1-2-3 in the 100m final.... speaking of fast Jamaicans, is Usian Bolt not insane, as well as insanely fast?

Kiprop from Kenyan just smoked the field in the 1500 meter semis.... he, too, made it look way too easy and is scary fast! Lopez Lomong will definitely be back in London four years from now.

Worried about Bernie Lagat on the bell lap...... were is he? There he is..... there he goes.... no automatic qualifying spot.... time? Nope, .2 off and out. What a disappointing Olympics for USA 1500m runners.... Alan Webb doesn't even make the team and Lagat doesn't even make the final. Lopez Lomong and Manzano are definitely the rising young talent, but at this point Webb and Lagat have flamed out after so much hope.

Wow, China's super hurdler Lu Jong is out.... achilles injury, having had achilles issues in the past he is done for the Olympics... Does this not rival the American let down with with the 1500m for the Chinese Track team?

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