Sunday, August 24, 2008

Training Update - Lessons on Pace and Hydration

Sunday - Recovery Day

Monday – 5.5m – easy mileage – worked on some pacing and really not over extending myself too much. Was actually quite a scary run. First time I have run after dusk around Rowley and Ipswich and I heard something screeching above my head for about a quarter of a mile. Land of the Lost type stuff! Worse yet, people have no sense when the see someone in a fully reflective hat and jacket coming at them and they pound on the high beams…. No, I did not use any sign language. It was tough running slow and over the 5 miles I was able to run comfortable, but also found I ran negative splits the whole way. Oh well, I always run faster in the dark.

Tuesday – 4.2m – easy mileage – Yes, woke up before work and got my training run out of the way. Pretty sure I felt EVERY step of the run as I was extremely tight. It is just bad news when I got from pillow to shoes to roads in the span of 20 minutes. Fortunately, the sun rise was awesome and it was nice and cool. Marathon pacing run tomorrow…. 7 or 8 miles… not exactly sure what I should be shooting for pace wise.

Wednesday - 9.2m - Pacing (Marathon... kind of) - After work, went out at an easy clip, leaving my brain at the door. Just running, no thoughts, except for keeping a comfortable pace and not looking at the watch every time it marks a mile. Ran a new out an back to Boxford and Georgetown, kind of a nice route, but people in expensive cars amaze me sometimes with their lack of common sense when they see another human being hugging the shoulder of the road. (definitely one problem not often found when running trails!) Just went for comfort and a blind pace. Felt tight the last two miles, and I suspect it was because I was running at an 8:17 pace. Yes, I too laugh because 8:17 pace once, for me in a previous running life, was about as slow as poop passing through a constipated turtle... but I digress.

Was probably more like half marathon pace, because I am sure if there is indeed a wall to hit at mile 20 of a marathon, a good way to find it is with this pace. Then again, maybe I am just getting a little faster. We'll see. Not taking things for granted, though, totally psyched that I am back to a place where I can run 9 miles at a comfortable pace and feel good. Ask 235lbs Rob about running 9 miles...... Yeah.

Thursday - No running. No particular reason. Do we have to belabor this point?

Friday - 3.3 miles - Should have taken it easier. It was a long week in the cubicle and I just wanted to run without worrying about anything. 7:52 1st mile, 7:27, 7:12 for 2 and 3, allegedly sub 7 pace for the .3 at the end. Why not? I didn't feel too thrashed at the end. Not smart with the long run tomorrow, but in memory of Isaac Hayes, who played Chef on South Park - "Fudge It!"

Saturday - 16.1 miles - Long Run (2:18:17) This was sort of one of those good news/bad news runs. Overall my average pace was 8:35, which would be a great marathon pace for me at this level of fitness, but if I were running a marathon today I definitely would have been in trouble. I am not sure if it was because of the conditions and lack of hydration during the second half of the run, but the last mile of this run - though I persevered and did not have to walk - was really quite tough. I ran a new course that took me on a northeasterly heading, through most of Rowley and into Newbury. I was hoping to cross the Parker River and turn around for an 8 mile out and 8 mile back run, but evidently the Parker River Bridge is being repaired. Nonetheless, it was a quite scenic run, spending some time running through the salt marshes and farm pastures of Newbury. Came back slightly faster than I went out, but of the 32 ounces of water and Gatorade I carried with me, I was tapped out by about mile 12. I started rationing water when I realized I was getting low, but the slight heat of the afternoon - it wasn't really hot, as much as it was just very sunny and very bright - was enough to make 32 ounces of fluid not nearly enough. At about 14.5m I made it to a store and slammed a 20 ounce G2, but I felt like I waited too long to reverse my hydration issues. If there really is a wall at 20 miles I know I would be crashing head first into it on this day. Thankfully I arrived home and made my way through another 64 ounces of fluids. I think I am realizing that pacing is definitely the key for the marathon. I think on a cooler and cloudy day 8:35 pace would have been just fine, but on a cloudless summer afternoon with temps from 75 to 80, there really is only so much one can ask from their body. I guess I see both sides. I have had much more misery on short runs in similar conditions, so the fact that I essentially ran 16 miles without any walking breaks is a positive.

Next week the ante goes up one more mile: 17 miles on the long run; The following weekend will be some half marathon happiness in the 02360! I think I need to be a little careful with my mileage without compromising on the distance of the long runs for the sake of staying healthy. Looks like August will easily end as my highest mileage month of the year, and right now all I really have in the way of injuries is a sore heel. Fingers firmly crossed.

Weekly Mileage: 38.3
August Mileage: 117.8
YTD: 689.8 miles

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Dan said...

Hey Rob
It sounds like your training is going well and you are getting faster every week. Cape Cod marathon is a good choice. Bay State would be too flat and boring!