Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last week's training....

Honestly, I underachieved this past week. I would say I am frustrated, but at this point, where I am running 8:00 pace on longer runs and starting to feel some slight breakthroughs with my 5k speed, I am going to err on the side of health and listening to my body.

Yes, at 29 years of age I am hoping to get back to this:

But honestly, the goal is more like this:

Training is sort of a snap shot of the overall picture. The point really isn't about running oneself into the ground as quickly as possible, but, rather, it is about endurance and seeing something through to the end, no matter what the path looks like. As I am learning through trail running, often times you look at an application and see the distance is 10 miles. You assume you can complete the course in 80 minutes, arriving only to find gnarly terrain. This is where time become secondary to completion. It is sort of where the world went wrong. All these "everyone wins" thoughts are nice, but if you are awarded for doing nothing, what message does that send?

I look at my fellow trail runners. Winning and losing begins and ends with the finish line. Talk to the folks that ran Wapack this past weekend - everyone is a winner for sure, but to obtain the moniker 'winner' or, more appropriately, 'finisher', you have to contend with 17+ miles and a few thousand feet of vertical climbing.

I guess the messge is that if my training tailed off at all this past week, it was more out of protection for the greater goal of running injury free in the pursuit of my first marathon. I am starting to feel the tinge of heel discomfort that might be the beginnings of plantar fascitis. The good news is that it really only hurts when I am barefoot and typically in the morning. Thankfully I have no discomfort while running, and the entire 25k I had no indications of it. Nonetheless, I have been using golf balls and frozen water bottles to massage and ice the area as prevention.

So, last week:

Sunday - 0 (rest from long run)

Monday - 3.3 miles easy, working on pacing.

Tuesday - 5.4 miles easy, Garmin died while on the run, just ran, great stuff.

Wednesday - 3 miles, tempo, Bad day at work inspires mile splits of 7:11, 6:50, 6:40. Yes, that is my Go-go Gadget flow. :-)

Thursday - 4.2 miles, Ran a very easy trail run with a few of the guys from Gil's A.C. If I hang out long enough with these guys I will never escape my dillusional thought that Ultramarathons are cool.

Friday - rest.

Saturday - rest. Converting long run to the 25k Road Race in Gloucester on Labor Day.

Weekly Mileage: 15.9 miles
August Mileage: 133.7 miles
Year-to-date: 705.7 miles

Hoping to stay healthy and run a great half marathon this Saturday!

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