Thursday, September 25, 2008

Training - September 21 to 27 - One Month the Cape Cod!

Find thyne's training hither....

Sunday - rest following the 25 yesterday. Tight and sore, but I expected to feel MUCH worse the day after.

Monday - rest again... Still feel tight and sore, and want to make sure I give my body ample time to repair the damage.

Tuesday - 5.2 miles - Tempo. Felt very tight to start off the run, and felt muscle groups that are still thrashed from Saturday, but just pushed as long as I could and found some definite improvement. 7:38, 7:19, 7:13, 6:57, 6:51 mile splits. Worked really hard to break 40 minutes for 5 miles last Fall, and I can't believe how close I am to the next goal of breaking 35 minutes for 5 miles.

Wednesday - 8.2 miles - This was supposed to be MUCH easier than it turned out to be. Run on the roads in the pitch black dark all by my lonesome, which inspired a faster pace. Out in 32:39, back in 31:00 (which is probably the reason why the last 3 miles felt tough). This run was not a good idea at this pace. This is where too much intensity could definitely get me into big, big trouble. Yes, 7:57 pace for this run could be good news, but I really need to scale it back.

Thursday - Rest - Sick. Felt like absolute trash, really shouldn't have gone to work yesterday, REALLY shouldn't have run yesterday, and today I paid for it. Slept half the day. Rebellion on a biological level!

Friday - Made it back to work, but that wiped me out, then when I resolved to try to get out and run two or three miles the heavens continued to pour down the deluge of the century (or so it seemed). Not interested in being sick longer than I have too, thus, I bagged it.

Saturday - Still very congested and the pouring rain seems like an unwelcome additive for a longer training run today.

I did make it through 22 Ounces of Sam Adams Oktoberfest, though, while crushing an order of Steak and Chicken Fajitas at Applebee's. Does this count as training for an endurance race at any level? Topped it all off with a couple Stone Cat IPA's to celebrate the fact that...... I'M IN!!!!

Yeah, it was a good thing I sent in my application earlier this week because the Stone Cat Marathon is officially closed (Many great places on the starting line still exist for the 50 miler if anyone is still interested!, LOL). So I have a ticket for the dance at Willowdale in 6 weeks. I still have a little insecurity about my ability right now when it comes to running 26.2 on trails, but when one is training for a 100 mile endurance run they most likely have not prepared by running 100 mile training runs, so I guess it is sort of like that! Or not, but at least I am not sitting here telling myself that I can run the 50 with my current base of training. Otherwise, very cool to go down the list to see other trail friends like Dan (, trail veterans like Rich Busa, and runners from many different states, provinces, and countries, two of which are from Prince Edward Island, Canada, or "Home" as I like to call it. Definitely will be an experience, and, honestly, I think that is why I sent in my application.

Collectively, I am a little disappointed with this week. I made some bad choices with the two tempo/fast training runs I had, which I think just magnified the strain and wear that the 25 miles of last weekend left on my body. Perhaps getting sick was a bit of a blessing in disguise, as it drained my energy and forced me to rest and recover from the running of this week, and last weekend. I was able to get my hands on some Zinc tablets that kept me healthy throughout my first college Cross Country season, so I think I'll add a little more Zinc to help with my Immune system, as well as with repairing some of my muscular damage.

Four weeks to Cape Cod, six weeks to Stone Cat, and I am still feeling okay. This past week was certainly the first challenge I have faced since deciding to run a marathon this Fall, but it is not a challenge that I really need to be worried about. Next week is a new week of training. I'd like to get at least one more significant run in before Cape Cod - perhaps 18 to 20 miles, and I'd for it to be on trails to help find a better long run pace on the surface. With the shortening days, my evening running has pretty much been limited to the roads, as I still don't feel comfortable doing any extended trail training in the dark by myself. Thus, I may need to consider morning running before work. I almost definitely will be looking at my long run next weekend being on trails, and actually, since I didn't go long today, I might do an extended run on trails tomorrow. In the home stretch now, no time to be doing anything too stupid, but it is not time to lay back and believe that I have nothing left to do.

Time to ice my heels, have another Stone Cat IPA, listen to some music, and just enjoy this Saturday evening.


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