Sunday, September 7, 2008

Training Update: W.E. - Sept. 6th

This was one of those weeks that I am sort of on the fence as far as how pleased I am with how it all turned out. Essentially this week was a week were my mileage was WAY up due to having two endurance races/long runs during the actual week. Together with my 16 miles last week my average mileage for the last two weeks comes out around 30 per week so I am not sure I really should be too concerned.

I am a little concerned with the discomfort in my heels. I have been trying to keep a preventative approach to the discomfort, but it is still a bit disheartening to think that my ultimate goal may be compromised by an injury.

All in all, I ran 5 days this week, raced twice, ran some nice easy trails with Gil's, and had a really nice tempo run during the middle of the week that didn't become too fierce of a pace. Running with Gil's is always an example of all of the great things one can accomplish in the sport of running that doesn't necessarily completely rely on being the fastest one in the group. This week I got to pick the brain of a fellow runner that completed an Ironman distance triathlon the previous weekend... my mind was completely blown.

From here on in it really is focusing on the marathon. I may venture out to run the Ravenswood Trail Race in a few weeks, or perhaps the Diamond Hill Trail Race, but, for now, I have hit all of the preemptive goals I made prior to running the marathon. The post to follow will cover my experience with the "Run to the Rock" Half-Marathon yesterday.

Weekly Mileage - 43.1 miles
September Mileage - 39.8 miles

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