Sunday, October 19, 2008

Documentaries, War Movies, and Film Scores (This is about running).

As if reading other runner's recent race reports (Yay, Alliteration!) on the various blogs I enjoy:

Fatozzig's Place - Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon:

Breakheart Trail Running - Diamond Hill Trail Race:

Sherpa John's Run Across New Hampshire:

was not enough to provide temporary soothing to my injured knee, I have had a rush of media adrenaline coming at me all week!

First, I got confirmation of my items being shipped from Amazon. Two movies - "Spirit of the Marathon" and "The Runner" (The David Horton versus the Pacific Coast Trail Speed Record flick). That got me pumped and I know after spending an evening watching these two movies back-to-back (it is just inevitable) I am going to be charged with energy and filled with the spirit to put my broken self on the line at Stone Cat.

I also picked up the "Band of Brothers" series set at Newbury Comics the other day. I believe war is a horrible thing, and I think I am a fan of war movies because of the sheer emotion and the reminder of the duality of humanity, and the need to be reminded of why we need to make a conscious effort to at least be civil to each other, instead of finding new and better ways to destroy each other. Don't peg me as a total hippie, because I do agree that sometimes you have to fight to defend yourself and your family, but I digress.

The first episode of the "Band of Brothers" series is called "Currahee", and it follows the soldiers of Easy Company during their time as new recruits at Camp Toccoa in Georgia. One of the resounding elements of the episode is the training on Currahee Mountain where the fledgling paratroopers are sent running up and down the mountain:

Sure, it is often punishment and always PT, but for anyone who has run Cross Country, it has that certain something that always made hellish hill workouts bearable. I always ran the hills for my teammates, that is what got me through some of those college XC hill workouts running up and down the same two hills for 45 minutes. "Three miles up, three miles down!" Perhaps it could be "STONE CAT! 12.5 miles out, 12.5 miles back - plus that 1.2 that gets tacked on!" :-)

In addition to the movies, I found an Internet music player ( with a "Soundtracks" station - under the 'Classical' heading, if you go. New project at work has me doing research most of the day, so I usually have this station on my headphones, and I can't help but get pumped by some of the selections:

Fighting in the 17th - "Backdraft" - Interesting note about this one, I once was known to put this on repeat on my MP3 player and run as fast as I could down Central Street in Saugus toward Lincoln Ave. and Cliftondale Square, I know, it is sad.

He's a Pirate - "Pirates of the Caribbean" - Makes me want to get my bandanna and eye patch so I can swing from the masts, or run 26.2 miles of trails!
Many selections from Braveheart, for which I am always a total sucker!

Of note, but not on the slacker soundtracks play list are ANY of the training montages from the Rocky Movies. Particularly my favorite is the Rocky 4 montage where he runs up the mountain in Russia while "Hearts on Fire" blasts in the background.

I also got a catalogue from RaceReady this week. Their gear is awesome for anyone running long distance races, check them out at

Amid all of the influences, I am still carefully optimistic. I am still holding out hope for Stone Cat. Aside from the 30 minutes I ran this week, I have been really good resting the knee and this week my goal is to cycle for at least an hour Monday through Saturday as long as it doesn't aggravate the knee. I think I'll be less anxious about toeing the line at Stone Cat without any running as long as I stay consistent with my cycling regimen.

So I guess you could say that if I am a good boy and ride my bike, my reward in three weeks is to run 26.2 miles... there is something very wrong with that!


Dan said...

Band of Brother's is one of my favorite movies.

Pathfinder said...

I loved that is one I could watch more than once and still enjoy it