Thursday, October 9, 2008

Runner Quirks - Injury times suck!

I hate this!

I have been very fortunate over the last 8 months because I haven't had to face any injuries. Where that is good, it provides the necessary forgetfulness of just how crappy (trying to keep this post "G" rated) injury time can be.

It sucks coming home from work and just plopping on the couch. I thought running after work took time away from doing things at home, but I have found over the last few days of no running, that the time where I am usually running I don't get anything done anyway!

The lack of endorphin has also made me crabby, and I am having that internal conversation about "getting fat". I know, really masculine, right? Not to validate the thought, but I know running a marathon at 185 pounds is easier than running one at 190. Then there is the rigmarole of thoughts about not running Cape Cod to heal enough to run 26.2 at Stone Cat in four weeks, or to run Cape Cod and not Stone Cat, or if it is just a lateral motion issue, and I should buy a knee brace and that will fix the issue... Sometimes being lost in your thoughts is worse than being lost on the trail!

Plus, I get my hopes up with my knee feeling fine after a day of getting up out of the cubicle to walk to the printer or to the head, and then I walk up the five steps at my apartment building and feel a twinge in the side of my knee - not pain - a twinge, which suggests to me that I need to continue to rest it. (This is usually followed by internal swear words because the wee ones are around).

Ah, and then, after assuming I was looking at a long holiday weekend forthcoming, I found out that my company does not observe Columbus Day as a regular holiday. As a runner, I guess I shouldn't mind because they do observe Patriots Day...


Dan said...

Rob - hang in there. Try icing as often as possible and take some ibuprofen. I'm sure you'll be "good to go" for Cape Cod. Just be careful over the next couple weeks.

RunninRob said...

Thanks Dan, the icing and the ibuprofen is the easy part, being patient is a bit harder for me, but as you say, being careful is key at this point. Good luck over at Diamond Hill tomorrow if you go!