Friday, October 10, 2008

Training - 10/11 - "Look at Me, I'm Invisible!"

For all you running purists that want to crunch my stats from this week, you might want to go elsewhere! For others, prepare to be entertained or offended!

Sunday - 0 miles - Normally a recovery day, so I was only on Defcon 5 at this point. Additionally, my left knee was sore as hell from pushing it for an hour and a half more than it probably wanted yesterday. Not sure if it is a lateral ligament sprain or if it is an IT Band issue. I have had IT issues before, and at least you can stretch the IT band and be ready to run a marathon in three weeks!

Monday and Tuesday - Rest and hopefully recovery.

Wednesday - My legs feel like thoroughbreds in the starting gate, desperately in need of some exercise. My knee still feels funny, and anytime I twist it the wrong way I get that uncomfortable "cease and desist" order. It is going to be REAL cool when I back up 16 weeks of marathon training with three weeks of nothingness! Fark Moo!

Spent the night enjoying the mindless sludge cable has to offer, started watching this show "Real Housewives of Atlanta" and I sort of threw up in my mouth a little bit. At least it is good to know that when society falls apart trail runners will be okay, but these vain.... yeah... will be in trouble.

What kind of reality does one live in when they call their sugar daddy because they want to go out and buy a full loaded Escalade on a whim, AND what kind of reality does the sugar daddy live in when he looks at the $65,000 price tag and says, "Sure".

Thursday - Descended into utter sloth. Two pints of Tetley's English Pub Ale deep, sitting on the couch in my underwear, bag of Goldfish, and Remote, watching American Chopper at 11:52 pm..... Now that is what I call training... Help....

Friday - Nice to have the weekend rolling around. Knee feels somewhat decent, no pain, but there is a tightness? I am not even sure I would use that word. At least it feels like it is getting better. No beers, lots of icing, so I guess I am a big winner today! Still pissed I have to work Monday, but my favorite band, Great Big Sea, did a live studio set on NPR's World Cafe - AWESOME stuff. Check it out:

Saturday - Beautiful Autumn day, hard not to lace up the sneakers and tool around the block for a while, but I promised myself I'd give my knee a week to heal. Perhaps tomorrow I'll run 3 miles? I did cheat a little and went out for a twenty minute walk because the kids were driving me nuts, and it was far too nice of an afternoon.
I guess in summary I do feel infinitely better than I did last week, but I have noticed another lovely issue - perhaps a hernia. It feels like a lower abdomenal strain, but one that doesn't get worse with activity and one that seems to not be getting better with rest. I had an abdominal strain last year and I can say that it was easily aggrevated, so I guess I am a little worried, but I am choosing ignorance at this point. Plus, thanks to the healthcare structure, If I weren't employed I'd be able to afford surgury, but because I am working I am not sure I can... but that is whole other can of worms, but it is totally screwed up if you ask me. I have so many political tangents I could go off on right now, and not to worry they are all bipartisan.
Sort of in a weird place right now, but we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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