Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Beware: Here there be Dragons!" - An Update...

The last couple of weeks have produced a slow improvement.

I have been able to run 3 days out of each of the last two weeks, which is a step up, but of the last 6 training runs I have been running only about 2 to 3 miles. Oddly, I have been happy with this because I have not felt really any lingering pain, but there is still that odd feeling in the knee I injured back in the first week of October. It is weird how time goes by so quickly. It just amps up my feeling that you have to take chances and run races when you have the opportunity and the fitness. The strangest part of the whole ordeal is that I thought I was injured the middle of October, but the run with Dan and Brenda was on October 4th. Not that it really matters, but all the same, it has basically been six weeks of being on "grounded" status.

Today I was able to complete back to back runs of 30 minutes, which is a great feeling. Today's run I added in a shorter section of trail running, not sure if the deviation from flat roads would amplify or aggreviate whatever is wrong with my knee. Nonetheless, it was great being able to get just a little taste of some autumn trail running as the sun was setting. Fortunately, I came to an appropriate turn around point right where the Beaver population has all but destroyed the footbridge across an oft flooded swamp section of the Bay Circuit trail that connects Willowdale to Georgetown Rowley State Forest. With the recent rains the water was very high and beautifully reflected the canvas of colors in the sky. As I came back, the wind howling through the barren branches of the now naked trees was really comforting as I hopped rocks and roots, trying not to twist my knee any more than was needed. I can't wait to be back at 100 percent and training for the next trail adventure.

Basically, I am thankful to be back running on a limited basis, and if it takes longer to get my knee acclimated to the rigors of longer trail running.... again..... I am cool with that.

OH! The good news too is that I have an appointment with an Orthopaedic Surgeon this week, and should have some sort of clue about what is wrong with my knee, and, better yet, what I need to do to get back to health. I am well aware that diagnosing knee injuries is not an exact science unless X-Rays or MRIs produce some sort of evidence, but I am hopeful I'll get some news, good or bad.

I have some thoughts about training and how I plan on building my long run endurance for my pursuit of an Ultra next year, as well as my thoughts on specific goals for 2009, but more on those later!


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Pathfinder said...

sounds like you are on the right track......or should I say trail...hope things go well for you this winter and allow for a great spring