Monday, November 3, 2008

IT Bands are STOOOOPID!!!!

So a brief update.

The good news is that I think I have a decent handle on the issue with my knee. This past week I was able to run twice (3 and 4 miles) on the roads, and had decent success with minimal pain. At first I thought it might have been because of the knee brace (and it may have helped), but everything seems to add up and point to the IT Band - biking irritated the injury, it hurts most on hills and uneven surfaces, etc. Really, the offending training run was the 20+ miles of running in Willowdale with Dan and Brenda a few weeks back, which was chock full of uneven terrain for sure - perfect conditions for an IT Band situation to occur. Because I pushed through it I think I made the general recovery time longer. Knowing it is IT Band Syndrome is actually sort of a relief for me, way back when I ran my first season of XC I developed ITB issues, and most optimistically, I came back from the injury. I am going to treat it like IT Band syndrome, get healed, and start dreaming about the Fat Ass 50k, which has been confirmed will be run on January 10th at Bradley Palmer, Hyannis Marathon in February, and all the adventures I hope to take on in 2009!

Obviously. it looks like Stone Cat is definitely going to be scrubbed for me, but I am sure I'll be over there volunteering and taking some snapshots.

Happy Trails!

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