Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Quick Update: Yin and, of course, Yang.

First of all, I use the concept of Yin and Yang loosely for sure. An interesting bunny trail is to various locations where the concept of Yin and Yang is described and developed. It really is a cool concept and philosophy.

Just got back from the doctor and the great news is that X-Rays came back looking normal. The "eh!" news is that I need an MRI on the knee to see if there is evidence of a Meniscal tear. The doctor was postive and encouraging about my training, giving me the green light to continue to run, but I am banned from trails and high intensity until I have the MRI and see if there is anything that needs extended rest, or, and I am hoping not, repair.

I have a great deal of observation and gripe to unpack right now, but I need to hold off on that right now.

My initial thought is that my "pushing through the pain" is really the issue with my knee. I am paying for stupidity, and the subsequent trauma is what has me on the shelf to a certain degree. I completed three half hour runs in the last 4 days, and feel well enough to perhaps run another 30 minutes tonight. We'll see, I was just hoping I'd get the old "Yep, it is IT Band Syndrome, no MRI needed" answer, but in the grand sceme of my yearly medical expenses, this is probably the one thing I'll need to pay for over the next year, so it'll all work out.

Maybe this is just a sign that next year is the year I should do the road series... but all my friends are trail runners! :-)

Cheers, y'all!


Dan said...

This sounds way better than it could have. Hope the MRI is negative. Hey, if you have to run roads, run them. It's still better than not running at all.

Pathfinder said...

I hope it goes well for you....there are plenty of "easy" trails out there that will not tress the knee any more than the road pounding...I think it is a matter of slow and easy..

RunninRob said...

Indeed Dan! That is my philosophy at this point - 2 miles, okay, half hour a couple times a week, okay, at least it is running, and it lets me feel like I am hanging on to a sliver of what I built during my Marathon training.

Oh well, back to the grind, at least it is Friday! :-)