Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Injury Diagnosis - A Mere Two Months later!

The basic news:
- No ligament damage
- No cartilage damage
- No meniscal tear
- No excessive fluid on the injured area

So the big winner is a severely strained IT Band! Also, evidently my left hamstring is extremely tight, which is also a factor.

Yes, the pessimist wants to be mad because of the cash I dumped for co-pays, X-Rays, and the MRI, BUT I am definitely happy that it is nothing more serious that needs surgery and the corresponding time off and recovery period.

I guess this is what I get for rushing into my training runs for too many months and then not stretching after those runs. I have been trying to train around my family's schedule, which means that if I have an hour to run, I best get out the door so I can run for that entire hour. I guess now I'll have to start implementing family stretch times! :-)

On a lighter note, when the doctor was giving me the news about the IT Band and Hamstring stretching, he says "You know, Rob, you could probably get away with no stretching in college, but once we get older, 30's and 40's, the body really needs those stretches". I didn't say anything, but internally I was raging. I have a couple good months left in my 20's and I'd like to keep it that way! I can already hear some of my other friends on the trail ready to pounce, as I know there are a couple of you out there that are beyond this 'older' 30's and 40's, and I'd be happy to provide the number of the doctor I saw for your comments and criticism! :-)

Amid all of the appointments and such, I have been able to maintain a little bit of my training. Last night I ran a god-awful 50 minutes, the IT Band started tightening up the last 5 minutes, but I completed the run. Unfortunately the pace was in the 9:00/mile range, but when I started running I programmed my internal pacer to "Ultrarun", so mission accomplished, I guess.

So I guess I officially get to start thinking about my goals for 2009, more on that later though.
The overwhelming thought is whether or not to run the Road GP series this year, or to focus on trails and the Eastern NE Series, and an Ultra somewhere along the line? I must say at this point I'd rather be on the trails running with friends rather than toiling on the roads. The hilarious part of the whole situation is that if I choose trails over roads, my next major goals race would be the Hyannis Marathon at the end of February, as retribution for that other road marathon on the Cape I was not able to run. Roads or not, a February marathon would be a great Ultra training run! :-) See, the optimist is fighting back!


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robtherunner said...

Glad to hear of no major injury. I rarely stretch and I am an old 35. The trails will keep you loose and limber.