Saturday, January 10, 2009

Training week - The first step is sometimes the hardest...

So after my ambitious list of things I'd like to work on this year, here is a bit of an insight to how the first week went. I must preface this by saying that it was a little depressing because today was the GAC Fat Ass 50k in my backyard at Bradley Palmer State Park, and I was really hoping I'd at least be up for running a few loops of the 10k course. No luck though, the trails are gnarly, and mad props to everyone that headed out there, including a contingent of Trail Monster Runners from Maine.
First, I did a great job keeping a log of my calorie intake, and, for the most part, stayed within my range of calories I need to keep in order to facilitate the losing of weight. Basically where my stores of fat are used instead of the calories I am getting each day. I started the year at 198, and this afternoon I weighed in at 192. I am a little skeptical that I lost 6 pounds for the week, but the fact that I am probably closer to 190 is a better starting point.

Sunday - 3.3 miles - 25 mins (7:35 pace). Basic three mile run, but I added three fartleks from 45-60 seconds. Alleged paces for three fartlek sprints during the run: 6:35, 6:22, 6:04.

Monday - 3 miles - Another run where I threw in a few fartleks. Basically a pick up about every half mile. Pace for the run was 7:49/mile, so not bad.

Did Endurance Arms - 100 reps.

Tuesday - 2.7 miles - The most impressive part of this run was that I got home from work and was informed that I had 30 minutes before my wife had to head out to a small group meeting, so I threw on my gear and ran for 20 minutes.

Wednesday - No Running - basically we had a New England classic happen over night. Three inches of snow, one inch of sleet, and a couple hours of rain. The water froze on contact, so I was poop out of luck. Blah.

Thursday - Again, the roads were still absolutely gnarly. I almost died getting to and from work, so I took another zero. I shouldn't be afraid of ice, but I am.

Friday - 3.2 miles Got out and just ran easy. Trail shoes and headlamp to get around any icy patches. Negative splits and good times.

Saturday - 10 miles - 1:24:45 (8:29 pace). First issue is that my IT band is not happy that I went out for 10 miles, but I am psyched that I was able to run a pseudo long run. First week of 2009 and I have at least run close to 1/3 of the 50k distance :-). It was actually a really good run. It was very, very cold, but I ran over some roads I haven't explored in the area - swanky Boxford. Seriously, every car that came past was either a Lexus, BMW, Benz, Caddy, Audi, or Acura, it was ridiculous. Mentally it was perhaps one of the fastest 10 milers I have ever run, but it was difficult because I used this as a training run for gear. I took both hand-held water bottles with me, one with Agua Fria, and the other with Gatorade. I tried hydrating as I would on a 2+ hour run from both bottles. It was just weird carrying two bottles. Ergonomically it wasn't difficult or uncomfortable, it was just different and weird. The padded straps are great, and both water bottles were snug and secure. I had no doubts about them staying put. Also, one of my quandaries about getting to gels that were in the pockets on the bottle grips was cleared, as the bottles are easily handled to get a free hand to work with food or gels or whatever. Basically, it was just an awkward feeling, and I enjoy having both water and Gatorade out with me, but I might opt to just carry one in race situations. Who knows, I still have time to experiment. Did another 100 reps of arms today too!

Weekly Mileage: 22.2

Got some speed in before the snow and ice, got a long run, did some weights, and got 20 miles over 5 days of running. I have been blessed with a decent week, now lets hope some stretching and the foam roller will keep the IT issues in check. There isn't much I can do about the huge flakes falling outside right now that signify another 6-12 inches of snow set to fall tonight and tomorrow. At least I might get some fun blizzard running in the morning, the ice and lack of a road shoulder to run on are not things that bring out the inspiration.

Either way, the 1st week of the next 52 went well, so I am starting in a much better place than I was last year, for sure!

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