Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yaktrax, anyone?

Hey everybody, so this morning I was walking to the car and the usually reliable traction of newly fallen snow was sullied by a nasty layer of ice. Then, as I hopped out of the passenger's seat when I arrived at work, I placed my coffee cup on the top of the car, only to see it migrate to the edge of the roof, nearly falling to the ground, if not for my epic reaction time, based on my more epic addiction to caffiene!

I have been really content with my trail shoes for icy conditions, but I am seriously thinking about splurging for a pair of Yaktrax Pros for running (and walking) in conditions such as these. Especially after reading a few blogs, and hearing others using the Yaktraks for trail training runs, I am seeing it might be a good call.

Let the forum open! I'd love to hear your opinion on 'Yaks", as I am trying to make a more informed decision.

To anyone who contribes, thanks!


Dan said...

Rob, another option is the kahtoola microspikes. Never ran in them or yaks but worth checking out.

Anonymous said...


I work for Yaktrax and would love to send you a pair for trial and review on your blog. Your review would not only be great feedback for us as we are always looking for ways to further develop and refine the product, but it's a great resource to those who follow your blog and want to read about some first-hand user experince. If you're interested, just send me your shoe size and mailing address to

Happy Trails,

robtherunner said...

I wish I could contribute more informatively, but I've been served pretty well with a trusty pair of trail shoes as well. Quite a few of my running friends put screws in their shoes and say it works really well. I'm sure you can google it to find more information. I think they usually convert an older pair of trail shoes to serve this purpose.

Pathfinder said...


I use yaks all the time. They work very well and are not uncomfortable as long as you are not on solid surfaces like tar.

The plus to removable ice support like Yaks, are the fact that you can remove them while running if need be as many times I end up running some on tar even if out trail running.

They can be worn with road running it the tar is exposed as long as you stay in the ditch.

They are very light weight and I will bring them with me on runs even if I think I will not need them.