Saturday, April 25, 2009

App. in the Mail...

So I have officially, at least mentally, commited my feet, legs, and all other vital organs and systems in my body to the GAC 6 Hour. I think my legs shuddered and cramped when I put the envelope in the mail box. :-)

Yes, probably a stupid thing to shortly post, but it means a lot to me. Most events I enter these days are sort of nonchalant because I have come back to running after living a sedintary lifestyle, where running a 5k was the ultimate challenge, and these days, for the most part, I know I'll be able to finish no matter the distance or the terrain. The 6 hour seems simple enough, keep moving for six hours over a 3 mile course, but I totally respect and understand the challenge.

Excited, but sort of nervous...

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Trail Pixie said...

Rob, you will be more than fine at the GAC 6 hour. I suggest just going out and having fun... Keep positive and try not to worry. IT'S A LONG WAY which is one of the things I love about running need to get all pumped up. Hey, you are a "winner" just for participating!--no stress. Just think of what you'll eat and drink from loop to loop.

Looing forward to the Overlook, too. my App is in the mail for that. It will be a first time for me critter on the T shirt but I think I'll survive. ;-)
ciao, chow