Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh No... Bitten by the Ultra Bug...

Okay, another quick post, which never guarantees anything from me!

So if you have been reading this blog, you know my goal is an Ultra, and Pineland Farms was initially my thought of debut. I have basically eliminated PF from my race calendar, and have turned my focus to the Eastern New England Trail Running Series. I have one race under my belt, and look forward to the next race a week from Saturday and then the third about a week after that. So all is good in the hood, right?

Then yesterday afternoon I get an email from Trail Pixie wondering if I'd be interested in going over to Bradley Palmer for a run. Hmm, let's see pounding out three lonely miles on the roads, or running trails with an actual human being? Yeah, no contest.

So Trail Pixie and I headed over to Bradley Palmer, and she gave me the tour of the 3 mile loop used for the Mother's Day 6 Hour Run put on local Trail and Ultra enthusiasts, Gil's Athletic Club, or GAC for all 'in the know'.

As we plodded along I thought about how a couple of weeks ago I was open to the idea of making a really conservative attempt at the 6 hour, then after my 4 hour training run, which broke me hard, I was all set to run ENETRS races and get myself to a little bit of a better place for an Autumn ultra. Now as I sit here and think about it, I am more open to the idea, especially after covering the course, and hearing Trail Pixie's story of her 6 Hour Run last year.

Yes, I am probably under trained, but the 6 hour allows the flexibility of tapping out at the end of any loop. It is a three mile loop, which means less gear and more opportunity to have a personalized aid station stocked with all the things that could make it doable. Most of all though, it is a great challenge, and will undoubtedly be a learning experience, and will certainly challenge both mind and body, which will be huge for the possibility of running a 50 miler in November.

We'll see... I got my supply of Succeed Ultra and S-Caps this week, so I am going to experiment this weekend on a three hour run, but there is that positive attitude that looks at the Six-Hour Run and thinks, "Why the hell not?"

Happy Trails Everyone...

Consult the GAC website if you might be interested in the Mother's Day Six-Hour (There is also a three mile walk): Http://


pathfinder said...

dissapointed that I won't see you at Pineland....but you gotta do what fits you...right?

I am bound and detirmined to get down that way to catch up with you, Dan and the others one of these days.

I am planning a long 3.5 - 4 hour run on trails this weekend. We will see how I do.

RunninRob said...

Thanks Pathfinder, yeah, I am bummed about PF too, that really was my goal, but I was fiddling with the numbers and 50k would most likely be over 6 hours, plus PF is a double loop. If by some miracle I get 50k in 6 hours, at least I am doing so by running 3 mile loops, and more realistically, I am going to shoot for 26.2 so I can get my name on the finishers list at the 6 hour. In addition I signed on to be a trainer for a group of people training to run and walk their first 5k, so that will take my Saturdays for May and June. In place of PF I am thinking of maybe coming up for one of the Bradbury races! :-)

Ryan said...

Glad to read you enjoyed the mantra on my blog. The GAC 6 hour is an event I've been hoping to do as well and if we don't have mother’s day plans this year I'll be there as well. Succeed makes the best stuff - Karl King knows what endurance athlete’s need

"One needs to experience the fatigue, and develop the
resolve to run on in spite of it, learning that by relaxing
and concentrating on form, you can keep moving
forward when any sensible person would have stopped."

Karl King

sort of like your long run last week you kept going on...