Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Would LOVE to Post, But Work is Kicking My Butt...

...and working pays the entry fees and cost for gear, etc.

In brief, until I can elaborate let me throw a few ideas and questions out there:

1.) Blue Hills Fox Trot 10 miler... Rob goes out way too fast 8:30's first two miles, BONK way too early. Ran with kZ and Breakheart Dan for a little while and discovered "Agua Erotica" (copyright Breakheart Dan). It seems to be a combination of heat, humidity, goofy trail runners, and a water stop that seeems to appear out of no where in the middle of a ten mile trail race with no road crossings. Water never tasted so good!

2.) Does anyone else consume Ibuprofen during long races? I read an article that doing so promotes Hyponatremia. Help!

3.) Thinking about using the GAC 6-Hour as another long training run in preparation for the Pineland Farms 50k, I know, I know, make up your stinkin' mind! It seems Breakheart Dan might go to run it with kZ, and mentioned 12/min mile for a target pace, which I think I am capable of, and will gladly sign up for a 50k if I know I'll have a friend or two (not of the imaginary variety) to help through those last 10 miles. Shared suffering is far cooler than solo suffering!

Well, I'll hopefully have a moment or two soon to elaborate a little, but until then...



pathfinder said...

Rob, I will be there (pineland) and have resigned to the fact that I will surely be suffering not only during the last 10 miles but probably long before that....I suspect my pace will be slower than my original goal of 12-12:30 ......my point is, if you run, I am sure I can offer you some company..assuming I can keep up with you.
I just want to finish and get a cowbell!!

RunninRob said...

Awesome! I am going to see how I fair at GAC and at my next doctor's appointment, but 12 to 12:30 sounds delightful. PF would definitely be about socializing and MORE COWBELL, or at least, FIRST COWBELL for me, I have no time goals whatsoever. kZ signed up for PF the other day, and Dan and I are interested, but want to sort of scout a weather forecast beforehand. Sunday proved my lack of prowess in the warm weather is alive and well!