Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Gear!, and Not Gonna Overlook, the Overlook!

Recently I bought a new pair Asics Trabucos, which are basically replacing my initial pair of Trabs that got some great mileage and got me through the Fall, Winter, and most of the Spring, they are versatile enough to hold their own on the roads, yet rugged enough to be an asset on the trails.

This new pair of shoes sort of got my mind thinking about other pieces of gear I will need in my upcoming endurance endeavors. Click, click, click, ship, ship, ship, AND poof! New gear arrives at Rob's door!

The new items include:
- RaceReady's LD Sixer shorts
(I have a pair of these shorts, but where the size fits, my hips and backside make them a little snug in that area, making some parts of the anatomy show off a little more. So I grabbed another pair one size up, and they are perfecto!)

-Drymax 1/4 Crew Trail Running Socks
I have had a lot of success with the pair of Wigwam socks I purchased a while back, but have read some great reviews of other trail runners (Check out Anthony P.'s review and Umstead 100 report at his I Run Ultras blog) who swear by these. I found a great deal online and purchased a couple pairs.

-NUUN Electrolyte Drink Tablets
Still experimenting with different beverage and nutrition combinations. Found another good deal online for a small tube of NUUN. Took one of my handhelds this morning on a short run on the GAC 6 Hour Run course and popped a tablet in to practice running with my handheld and drinking as I go. First impression is that it tastes great, puts more of an emphasis on the food one eats during the ultra as a serving has like 3 calories. Stay tuned.

-Salomon Trail Runner Zip Tech T-Shirt
Wanted a shirt that was light, UV protecting, and half zip for those ever changing conditions on the trail, which allow for additional ventilation without showing off the pony keg stomach!
The shirt also has a side pocket that isn't all that large, but might be a good spot for some salt tabs or ibuprofen. Wife says she like the blue on me... how can you go wrong! :-)

Overlook Trail Race and GAC 6 Hour Prep...
Since the bonkfest Sunday at the Blue Hills, I actually had a decent week of training. The following Monday I bagged 5.4 miles on the roads, took the next three days off, last night I ran a fastish 3.7 on the roads, last couple miles 7:45 pace, which just confirms I am below were I was last summer fitness wise. Then this morning after my first session training walkers and new runners for their first 5k on the roads of Bradley Palmer, I switched the road shoes for the Montrails and ran the GAC 6-Hour course around my target pace. The plan is to run evenly throughout, instead of going out fast and suffering later and sooner.

Thoughts on the Overlook. Basic goal is to go out slower than last week and try to run under 10/min mile pace. Ideally, I'd like to run closer to 9 mins./mile, but the course looks like a roller coaster throughout the 7 miles. Again, I see myself as the Moose on the trail. I can go fast when I need too, but I am more interested in mud and water and having some fun! Trail Pixie and Breakheart Dan will be in the mix, so I good time is assured!

Thoughts on the GAC 6 Hour. It is still a little scary, but any event with Ultra folks is bound to be a good time. I also found out my ibuprofen is in actuality not going to kill my kidneys, so I feel good that I have another weapon in keeping my knee at a manageable level of discomfort to get in the miles. Still not sure what the plan is in reference to the GAC and Pineland Farms. PF sounds like it could be a REALLY fun adventure with trail friend, including Pathfinder, but if I somehow get to 5 hours running 12 minute pace and feel reasonably good, I might just buck up and bag the marathon. At the very least the GAC will provide that final test in my VERY unconventional 50k training this Spring!

The funny thing was that on this purposefully slow run at Bradley Palmer this morning I took it easy and had splits of 10:43, 11:30, 10:21 for a lap of 32:34. Still too fast! I was using the 5 min run, 1 min walk strategy, along with walking the 'big' hills. The course is relatively easy, but I want to still be somewhat functional at 4 hours! I have to say, the strategy and planning involved in Ultras is really kind of cool and fun. What you do in the first half hour can mean the world later on.

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Time to get out and enjoy some more!

Happy Trails!

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Trail Pixie said...

Rob, love the new look of your blog! I can't seem to find where to follow it! As I was trying to follow you at overlook but I couldn't keep up that pace you guys set. I'm fatigued. Soo is there some way you can make the follow link LIVE? Bag the Pineland Farms (that I hear it's great) and come run the 6 hour!!! It such a wonderful low-key non race/non-competitive event in which to participate. You can't go wrong.
Tell me how to follow so we can be fellow followers...(just what ARE we following? go first!)