Monday, June 1, 2009

Frustration in Life, Frustration on the Trail

Gotta keep this short as I need to head off to my appointment to get the wisdom teeth extracted... all four.

Dan and I wrapped up May with a long run in Breakheart Reservation and Lynn Woods Reservation. I had hoped this would be a nice long run to settle up before today's surgery, but the heat, humidity, and hard workouts of the last couple of weeks really did a number on the legs. So much so that even at 30 minutes I was wondering if four hours was even possible, because my quads just felt like junk!

Dan sums it up here, about 2 hours in...

We ended up scrapping the run at about 3 hours and 13 miles. Which was a good idea because I felt hung over for the rest of the day, basically because of the dehydration incurred on the run.

Now I get to spend the remainder of the week off my feet, with a sore mouth, then head to the doctors Wednesday to have a 'suspicious look mole' removed from my back, AND as I was cleaning up after the run yesterday I found a lovely tick getting ready to hunker down. It came off easy, but there was blood, which of course has me thinking about Lyme Disease. So when the mole is removed I'll surely also get blood drawn. At least I found the tick early on, and can monitor the bite for the rash/monitor my health for the symptoms. This comes on the heels of a co-worker who spent 5 days in the hospital with heart issues, come to find out he has Lyme Disease.

Yeah, I am freaking out. So much for the Deet bath I took yesterday prior to the run!

Happy Trails Everyone!


Trail Pixie said...

Rob, hope you recover alright from the weekend and from the series of doctors stuff! TICK! ICK! Do get blood drawn and tested, even if you have to pay... Lyme D is terrible if not caught early as you've seen.
Take the week off--recoop. The Pack was kind of like Dan described in your video...As soon as it was over I was considering running back to the start (10 miles away). big gin here

Streph said...

Sounds like rough day, Rob! Many of us trying to increase mileage for the Fall seem to be feeling it. You're not alone! On the Lyme Disease front, I pulled a tick off a couple of weeks ago and even began showing the classic bullseye pattern around the wound. My doctor said that the tick has to be on for about 24 hours to transfer the Lyme Disease bacteria. Mine had been on me for less than 8. Nevertheless, I got a Doxycycline prescription as a precaution in case the tick had been on me longer without my noticing. Good Luck, and I know next week will be easier!


Dan said...

Rob, At least we were able to laugh about it! Damn ticks, get that checked out, OK? Good luck with the extractions.

trailgrrl said...

Rob..wisdom you can have all the ice cream you want without any of the guilt ; )I second everything everyone said about the little friend of yours...get it checked!

I like Dan's idea of running one of the Lynn Woods races as a group and then getting dinner somewhere after...He mentioned a specific date in an email....(Dan I forgot to write it down and deleted my mail folders yesterday during a cleanup of my computer) so if you read this let's get a group email out there! What about everyone doing the Boxford race on the 16th? With a bite to eat after? KZ said he was interested and Emily I believe your doing it any way.

RunninRob said...

Thanks Everyone. I am definitely keeping a serious eye on the tick bite, but at this point I am on a pretty serious regimen of antibiotics for my wisdom teeth, so I think that will complicate matters of getting the right ant-biotics for the tick. Obviously better to be safe than sorry, but I am certain the tick was no on me for any more than a couple hours at most and I am positive I knew where Dan and I encountered the bugger.

Still running Boxford as well, will be nice to see everyone who comes on out! Not sure what kind of shape I'll be in as the couch to the fridge is a tall order these days! Not able to eat too much either, though last night was mashed potatoes, and that was a magical experience. :-)

RunninRob said...

In addition to the above, regarding the tick, I didn't write the above to say I won't be getting it checked out, as once I recover enough from my oral surgery, I'll call my Doctor for a consult and blood test (though I have been reading and hearing from my friend who allegedly has it, that blood tests aren't necessarily definitive answers to diagnosing Lyme).