Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Another Country Heard From"

Hey Everyone!

Obviously it has been a while since the last post, and I regret not putting more effort into a more regular update, but frankly there hasn't been too much to say. Maybe I'll post a 'My Summer Vacation' entry in the next couple of weeks to have a little fun. :-)

Very shortly, since the last post at the beginning of July I have raced a couple times. Scoring some points on both the Grand Tree and Eastern New England Trail Series. Amid both races I have been carrying a couple of nagging injuries that have allowed minimal training. I tried training through the pain and discomfort, but after a sad showing at the Oxford Dam Trail 10 Miler, I decided it was time to shut it down for a couple weeks. Unfortunately, I am still feeling some of the same symptoms of the injuries that I have been trying to deal with, which is leaving me more frustrated and feeling downright rotten.

I had grand plans of running an Ultra or, at the very least, a Marathon this Fall, but I'll be lucky if I am able to compete in any of the short trail events in October and November.

Basically I have been dealing with a lower abdominal strain, and an 'I am not really sure' injury in my hip. Basically when I walk or run or move I can feel a non-painful snapping with every stride, and with enough activity it becomes sore. If anyone has any professional or experienced opinions please leave a comment, because I cannot afford Physical Therapy right now, which is even more frustrating, but I will not launch into a tirade about my profession, only to say that if anyone knows of any Non-Profit Organizations that are looking for someone that wants to make a difference everyday, please leave a comment.

I am honestly mired in a funk right now, and hate that I can't really do anything without irritating my abs or hip. Oh well.

Trying to look ahead and look positively, I see this time off as a moment to reflect and plan ahead. I know speed isn't everything, but I think my next goal will be to get a little faster so I can make a move next year to be in the middle of the pack, instead of the back of the pack! :-)

I also had a chance to pick up the new book by Chris McDougall, 'Born to Run'. I have been surprised, pleasantly, to see that there is more to the book than the Tarahumara and Caballo Blanco. I am hoping to glean a little from McDougall's experience and become a more durable runner through his tales of endurance and encounters with running in its most natural and organic form. I am also a little more curious about the prospect of barefoot running, but I need more time to figure how that would work for folks like me surrounded by roads.

In any event, I hope everyone is finding health, happiness and adventure this summer!

Special props to trail friends Trail Girl for her finish at the VT100, also the same props to Nipmuck Dave who also finished the century run up in the Green Mountains!

More props are up for kZ for his outstanding Spring and Summer running anything and everything that undulates and includes the most rugged terrain in New England. Typified by the rumor that he mixed it up in the White Mountains for this year's edition of the MMD race. Less trail running, more adventure racing. Way to go kZ!

kZ and Trail Girl, as well as Trail Pixie and Stas, all ran all 6 USATF-NE Mountain Races and earned their Mountain Goat status, which is another aspiration I am shooting for next year! Great job everyone!

Finally, Breakheart Dan is heading out Syracuse, NY next weekend to be the proxy for our trail running collaborative of crazy endurance seekers, mountain goats, and trail animals. He'll be running his first true Ultra at the Green Lakes Endurance Runs, battling the course in 50k of fun!



Dan said...

Rob, very cool blog photo!

robtherunner said...

Hang in there, Rob! I hope the nagging issues get cleared up and you can get back to full speed soon.