Friday, November 13, 2009

PREVIEW: Edaville Rail Run... More Running in Nor'Easter Fun.

So here's to hoping the RD of the Edaville Rail Race is as hardy and fun-loving as the RD for Ravenswood. The day before Ravenswood we were all told it was happening, come hell or high water, or both. But that was for a REAL trail race, on a REAL trail running course, attracting mostly the diehards of the trail community.

Edaville is arranged by the Colonial Road Runners, a great local club here in Massachusetts, and they regularly offer 'roadie friendly' trail races. I enjoy these events because they are inclusive of both the trail and road folks, but occasionally some of the bad habits of the roads bleed over into the normally festival like atmosphere of a true trail race. This being said, I expect it will be a good time, and the rollicking joy of trail runners eager to ply their trade in the wind and weather will cancel out the bitching of delicate road types. :-)

As things would have it, this race will be one of the last remaining opportunities to score some points in the Eastern New England Trail Race Series. With Edaville, Lil Rhody Runaround, and Middlesex Fells being the tentative last three races on the ENETRS calendar. For up to date standings and results, please visit:

After a week of respiratory sickness and a really bad cold, I am not expecting anything too fancy. Plus my first purposeful ultra training run last night just proved that my lower abdominals are still in sad shape, and I need to scale back, and build. Bummer.

The course itself is a single 5 mile loop of pavement and dirt roads. Proper Vibram country I imagine, so I am thinking of barefooting for the race. Having been to the Edaville location a few times in my life, I know it will be a very open course, with little cover from the elements, which should also make for some very interesting experiences! It won't be a quarter as challenging as I know to expect when I attempt to complete the Skyline circuit in a few weeks at the Middlesex Fells, but it will be off-road.

Mostly I run Saturday as a tribute to all of the Veterans out there. A friend of mine, retired from serving as an Army Ranger, gave me a bandana when we moved back east, telling me it was a tradition among his unit to pass along a bandana when someone was headed home. I have been reluctant to wear the bandana because I feel sorry that I haven't been able to serve my country like the last three generations of men in my family, on account of my eye condition, but after all that has transpired these last few months - a fellow Plymouthean dying in Afghanistan, my cousin prepping to head over to Afghanistan, and a general feeling that America is forgetting about the Men and Women that serve this country, I realize that sometimes showing support is a little way to serve.

Happy Trails!


pathfinder said...

Yes, showing our support for our troups is a way to show respect and do what we are able to help them. Not everyone can serve and supporting the cause is serving.

I had visions of the whinners vrs the hoot-n/hollerers at that race....I'll bet many of the whinners will not even show.

RunFasterDaddy said...

Hey Rob,
Good luck tomorrow. I'll keep an eye out for you and the blue/grey Vibrams. I ran Edaville last year. It's a fun race with a great post race vibe and food. As far as it being a trail race...I hope you're not disappointed. The big loop around the cranberry bog irrigation pond is perfectly flat with a little bit of sand. Not something I would call trail running. I also got the email saying 600-700 people. We'll see. Last year there were only 400 or so and that was with pretty temperate weather.

Have fun.

: )