Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trail Intersection - Where Ordinary Meets Extraordinary

Right now my four year old is freaking out over something completely random - for me this is ordinary.

In an hour and a half I toe the line at Bradley Palmer, the site of my first dance with the Ultramarathon. The only think keeping me from the 50k was the time limit, as I covered 27 miles in 5 hours and 57 minutes. For me, that was extraordinary. That was almost 7 months ago, and I considerably more time and training in preparation.

Today, no time limit, just a 10k course and the promise of 1 to 5 loops for anyone who brings goodies for the aid table and is fool enough to run in the snow and 20 degree temperatures.

I declared I'd run this race 5 weeks ago having been injured most of the autumn with very little base mileage underneath my belt, but decided I could train within the 5 week time frame. In a way, I figured the training runs would be enough attrition to get me away from the crazy idea of 50k in 5 weeks, yet I endured my 10k, 20k, and 30k long runs, and now I am sitting here on the morning of the event mentally preparing myself for 50k.

Not exactly rested, and damn it is cold out there!

But in life we tend to stay safe and never extend ourselves to challenges that might be a little over our head, negating ourselves from achieving that greater greatnesss.

This is where the ordinary meets the extraordinary!

This one is for this one life I have been given, this is for those that have give their lives so I can have this opportunity, this is for those that aren't sure if the challenge is worth it.

Time to gear up!


Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Rob, in Fat Ass Style I arrived at 11 a.m. for a loop or two. I wanted to run two but it was too mashed pea soup swishy ITB tickling terrain. Only one loop for me yesterday. Missed you! how'd you do? If you got through two loops or more that's something in those conditions. Many folks were leaving the lot as I arrived.

RunninRob said...

Em, I totally agree! It was a great time from the social standpoint of meeting some friends old and new, and had fun chatting with Gilly in his checkered taxi cab tights, and met Alison Phelan from Wicked RC and we slogged and chatted for the latter half of the first loop. Also finally got to meet Kevin the Pathfinder from Maine, finally. So amazing how friendly the trails always seem to be! Also bumped into kZ and Bill Howard, and we saw your ride in the parking lot.

I trudged for two loop-de-loops, and spent the latter half of the second loop trying to decide whether I had another loop in me, but I was cold, my right arch was really sore, and my abs and hip flexor were getting really sore at about 8 or 9 miles because of all the lateral motion, so I dropped at 2... phew! :-)

pathfinder said...

Hey...It was great to meet you Rob, though I didn't get to run with you at all, it was cool to meet at the food station after both loops. I really don't think I would have ventured out for the second loop if we hadn't talked for a few after the first. Something in that conversation sparked a tiny flame inside me and off I went. I am glad now that I did even though I am a bit sore from all the sliding around and trying to stay balanced. Like the weather man says when talking about the temps and windchill, "ran 20K, felt like 50k"