Saturday, February 27, 2010

Preview: Hyannis Marathon, or, 'My Education as an Ultrarunner'

I don't have too much time to dilly or dally, as I need to get in the car and start heading south toward Cape Cod, but I have so many feelings about the marathon this weekend that I feel like I need to set at least one or two free.

I think I view this race as a chance to learn something. But, wait... Is there really a race, or, if we are lucky enough, a run where we aren't taught something about our lives, or our personality, or our friends? I know most of the time on the shorter runs I am transfixed with form and pace that I miss the teaching moments, but I imagine that is why the longer runs, hikes, and adventures bring out the most in us. Eventually the action becomes rote and we are able to see beyond the basic.

I feel prepared. I slept - which is a huge win for an insomniac like me. I tapered, another win for a runaholic like me. I feel dreadfully under prepared strategy wise, and am not altogether convinced I have a decent fueling strategy. I am thinking of going with gels, but they are natural and the last thing I need is a body rejecting gels early on. I might try ultra foods, but I'd have to carry my own supply or at least have family throw me a supply for the second loop. I have been thinking of trying sweet potatoes, as Trailgrrl and kZ have been talking about how well those worked for them during the recent Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50k, but as the wisdom suggests, do not try new things on race day. Unfortunately, I need to try something new because I got nothing. :-)

My body seems to be in a good place, my left achilles seems a little tender, and I am not entirely sure why, but that is basically it.

So I guess I am ready! This race is another race is really a dream for me. It is largely a lower key winter marathon (don't tell Paulie I said that!), but it is one that I have been hoping to do ever since I started running again nearly 4 years ago. Last year I sat here injured blogging about how I wish I could run three miles, and wish I could have been running the Hyannis. This year I am health enough to do so, which is a blessing in itself!

Happy Trails!


Pamela Lynch said...

I found your blog! It was a true pleasure to spend some time running with you today. We definitely met up at just the right moment in time! It was a bit more defeating mentally than I was expecting, to see all those halfers finishing as we continued on for a second loop. Thanks for the support, and the great exposure to the 5/1 strategy. I felt pretty good. You may also have inspired me to start a blog...we'll see.

RunninRob said...

Pamela, it was also a very nice surprise to meet someone so soon after the split into the lonely second loop, and I am amazed at how, over and over, I am reminded that it is not necessarily about the race itself, but the people we meet along the way.

Huge, huge thanks!

Let me know when you start your blog, I'd love to read about your journey to the AR50! (Pardon the grammar in this post, I had 15 minutes to type before leaving for the Cape! :-)