Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thoughts and Ramblings...

First, I need to apologize because I have Uriah Heap's 'Easy Livin'' blaring in my headphones, which makes me want to be EVEN less conformist than usual! I guess I'll give it a shot, though.

This past week of training went about as well as trying to sail a submarine with a screen door across the Atlantic Ocean. I did do strength training a couple times this week, and ran both Sunday (10.2 miles) and Monday (7 miles), but my diet was atrocious. It seems like every day I'd spend the day happily engrossed in the plan - all natural, all the time, with small meals more frequently, and then in the shadows of the night I'd sneak a cookie, or a bunch of pretzels, or a half a box of wheat thins. Then I spent the weekend visiting family and my Mom hoisted out a large carrot cake for my birthday, which is my kryptonite.

I like Trail Pixie's thoughts, that extra baggage is just energy stored for later on, and this weekend I am pretty sure I stored enough of that extra energy to last about two months. Today I am back on the wagon, but it is early yet!

To the running, I was a little bummed that I had to miss out on the Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50k this weekend, but I have been swept back into 'family first' mode, which is fine, and was probably what I needed since my body felt terrible this weekend. I was able to get out early Sunday Morning to stomp on some of the old home ground. I had every intention of running 20 miles, but evidently there is an unspoken law of nature that suggests you are not supposed to run more miles than degrees of air temperature, and it wasn't until after I realized my handheld water bottle was frozen about 45 minutes in that it was slightly more than just a little chilly! In fact, when I left it was 13 over the course of the two hours I was outside the temp only rebounded to 19! Brrr....

Even before the run I found my Garmin had about five minutes of battery life, which was really distracting, since my only other alternative was my old Timex that has a burnt out bottom half of the digital readout. So you can tell 1, 4, 7 on the read out, but the top halfs of 8 and 9 are the same, as are 5 and 6, and 2 and 3. It makes for great fun trying to plan walking breaks!

Distracted, but not deterred, I dropped the idea of run/walking 20 miles and just figured I run whatever I felt. No way I was going to let a PB&Rasberry all-fruit go to waste!

A few shots along the way:

(Plymouth Harbor and the Mayflower just ahead of the sunrise)(Where It all began...)(Surf kicked up by the blizzard off in the Atlantic)
(Composition-wise a terrible shot, but for some reason I really like it)
(I was able to find a little single track!)

The run was actually sort of invigorating - not because of the cold - as I love running at pre-dawn and sunrise whenever I am at home. There are few things that compare with watching the congress of sea and shore, especially a day or two removed from a big storm, and then see the brilliant sunlight cascade over everything.

For a while I thought I might be able to get in all 20 miles by running a couple long out and backs, only stopping to refuel at my Mom's house, but as mentioned, my hydration was limited, and I found both of my quads were deep red and itchy like crazy when I got back into the heat of the house. I am still wondering if it was an allergic reaction to the detergent that my running clothes were washed in, or the beginnings of frost bite.

The brewing coffee was more than I could bear, and I figured 10 miles with a bolus of Blue Moon, pizza, and nachos in my belly was a respectable showing... good grief.

Okay, not to uncomfortably segway into bodily functions and the advantages of trail running, but with the amount of road running I have been doing lately, I have realized that long runs on the roads suck primarily for the lack of opportunistic locations to release excess bodily waste. I have almost found it more comfortable running the roads at night because at least an extinguished headlamp provides the right level of incognito to fertilize the roadside shrubbery. For all the ladies out there, I can't even imagine!

So back to running!

Last night I was content heading out for an easy RUN. That is right, an actual RUN. I realized that with all this ultra training I have been doing, where run/walk strategies have been the focus, I haven't been doing too much straight up running.

The goal was to run 20 minutes easy, which, of course, morphed into 30 minutes, and then into an hour as I realized I had a little more cardiovascular fitness deep down than anticipated. I kept it easy and relaxed, focusing in on effortless footsteps and form. In the end I finished a little more than 7 miles over the hour of running, running negative splits for each consecutive mile!

Seven miles and an hour of running isn't all that impressive, but for me it is a baseline and a place to work from in the effort to increase my long RUN mileage and time back to the levels I was at over a year ago.

Before closing off this post, I have been thinking more about 2010, and with recently family situations springing up, I realize that this year should be about accomplishing goals and realizing dreams, becasue we never really know what tomorrow holds.

With this in mind, I am looking at my race schedule for 2010, and where I have only committed to the Hyannis Marathon, my goals include:

2/28 - Hyannis Marathon
4/3? - Traprock 50k (maybe?)
5/30 - Pineland Farms 50k/50m
10/31 - Marine Corps Marathon (for my Dad & Grandfather).
11/20 - JFK 50 miler

Yes, it does go a little against the grain of local offerings and staying strictly on the trails, but MCM and JFK are races that are chock full of meaning for me, and if I can get into both and stay healthy I will be extremely satisfied with my year.

End of post soundtrack - 'Godzilla' by Blue Oyster Cult... gotta love it... "History shows again and again, how nature points out the folly of man. Run, Run, Robzilla!"


Dan said...

Good goals for 2010. I think Traprock is moving to the 17th but I'll keep you posted. The itch sounds like frostbite!

trailgrrl said...

I loved this : ) I always beat myself up about "cheating" in terms of food and moving away from healthy eating especially since it effects my health when I do! I am learning to be gentle with myself...I think you have a handle on that...all I know is that a run after a weekend of cheating and rest is always so sweet : 0

pathfinder said...

All I do is cheat so essensually I am not on any type of standardized program.......I eat much more of all the things I shouldn't.
Would that be called a negative split diet?