Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Long and the Short of it, or Wanderings Since Hyannis, including the Eastern States 20 Miler

Since the Hyannis Marathon I have been wandering around, or at least so it seems. I signed up for the Eastern States 20 Miler following the marathon as I felt really good following the marathon, and believed that Hyannis would turn out to be a long and rewarding training run for any ultra events later on this Spring.

Eastern States was a very powerful event for me, but for all of the wrong reasons, and if you are interested in the details, stick around!

My wanderings post Marathon - the headlines:

First Week of March - Recovery? What Recovery?

Ran a 10k Tempo run below 8 min mile pace and ran 20 miles over two days, including a surprising 2h, 16m run where I covered nearly 16 miles (8:36 pace).

Second Week of March - Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

No runs during the week, but doubled up on the long runs on the weekend. Saturday ran 12 miles in 1:42 in the cold drizzle, Sunday ran 13.1 miles in 1:56 in pouring rain and freezing cold in shorts. Very interesting due to the flooding, but not such a good idea for the immune system!

Third Week of March - Springing Back on to the Trails!

Another week where less definitely was equivalent to more. Ran home from work once during the week, covering 8 miles, and then spent the weekend running the trails of a VERY soggy, muddy and 'broken' Bradley Palmer State Park with Trail Pixie and Breakheart Dan. All told, Dan and I covered a little more than 17 miles, and it was great to be out with my bestest trail friends for a Spring Fling.

Em's Post
Dan's Post

Fourth Week of March - Mr. Ying, meet Mr. Yang.

Following weekend fun, I took more time off to recover following the run, and didn't get back to it until midweek. I hit the gym and ran my Mountain Madness challenge on the treadmill. Covered 2 miles at 15% in about 25 minutes, which was a new record for me. Speaking of records, I ran time trial 5k Saturday and shattered my old PR since I began running again 4 years ago. It all caught up with me Sunday during the Eastern States 20 Miler. IT band locked up at mile 15 and I was too hurt to muster anything more than a fast walk, but was too proud to drop out.

Last Week - Humbled, Rested, and Re-focused.

Ran once, 5.6 miles, and walked quite a bit over the weekend. Barefoot, mostly.

Photos from 'Wash, Rinse, Repeat' Weekend:

(Even the Geese are Grounded.)

(Led Zeppelin wrote a song about this...)

(Babbling brook? What babbling brook? This is a screaming stream, or talkative torrent!)

(Usually I need to stick to the trails to find stream crossings...)

Photos from the Eastern States 20 Miler:

(Crossing into the Pine Tree State...)

(The start, rightfully I am at the back of the pack, and, no, the start is not when the light cycles to green.)

(Crossing over into New Hampshire, not quite as transcendent as I had hoped!)

(One of New England's classic rotaries, this one in Portsmouth, NH, which is actually called a 'traffic circle' in NH, and all of us back of the pack runners loved the inclusion of actual traffic!)

(Just off of Wallis Sands State Beach in Rye, NH)

(Seacoast Running - Follow the Line!)

(Hampton Beach - Nice view, too bad the photographer was in searing pain and seeing red!)

Easter Weekend Homecoming Run and Walk...

(Barefooting back at home - end of the Jetty in the Middle of the Plymouth Harbor.)

(Another View from the Middle of the Harbor.)

Beyond all of the happenings of this last month, I have been inspired by faster times, humbled by an injury I thought I had beat, and quite undecided as far as what is the next adventure will be for me.

The recurring IT band issues could be due to the mileage, or a need for more hip and glute strengthening. I have definitely scaled back my plans to run any of the longer events I had hoped to run this Spring. I think I'll use some of my faster times at shorter distances to rebuild my base, and am looking at the USATF-NE Mountain Running Series as the next adventure, but the travel logistics for a low-vision hombre like myself are a little up in the air. Where my wife has said it would be cool for me to run the races, I am not sure she understands the travel involved... we'll see!

Marine Corps Marathon registration opens tomorrow, and it would be my hope that I can fix myself enough to get to D.C. in one piece, but if ES20 proved anything, it proved nothing is certain during an endurance race!

Thankfully, I feel like the IT Band is not as bad as previously thought, and I can make an honest attempt at the Eastern New England Trail Race Series season opener this weekend at the Merrimack River Trail 10 Miler, beyond that I can't say for sure where I am wandering!

Happy Trails!

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