Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well, I made it.... to the Start Line

This will be quick, but I wanted to quickly post to give a quick update.

First, I am not sure what I am thinking by doing this, but for Stone Cat I am upgrading from the Marathon to the 50... yeah, don't ask, but I will say it is like that quote where the reporter asks the climber, "Why did you want to climb that mountain?", and the climber replies, "Because it is there."  Realistically, six days after a road marathon I am not sure I'll have the juice to finish a trail marathon, let alone a 50, but I will be going very conservatively, lots of run/walk breaks!

Second, I leave for DC tomorrow for the Marine Corps Marathon with mixed feelings.  All of a sudden my time goals are gone and I will be using a run walk strategy to try to a.) limit muscle damage, b.) speed recovery, and c.) FINISH.

I am not completely broken, but the last 4 weeks have scared up a few nagging injuries, and where they aren't enough to keep me off the course, they are things that make me wonder what the day will be like.

All in all, I KNOW I can do 26.2 miles, there is not question there.  The big question is how much carnage I will need to endure to arrive at the finish line.

So I cheer for the victory of just arriving to the line, whether I DNF at MCM and all goes to waste, or finish both races, I know that just by trying I am accomplishing something... right?

For all my friends, I believe you can track my Bib on race day if you like, shoot me an email for the details.

Happy Trails!


RawBodyGoddess said...

As I always tell my toeing the line, you are already a winner as you are attempting something not everyone does. :)Remember to enjoy the journey and you will be fine! See you a SC!

pathfinder said...

wow!! agressive goals Rob I hope things go well for you.......makes me feel a bit whimpy as I do not even have a 5k race planned never mind a marathon...(or two)