Sunday, April 24, 2011

ToTR... I Wish I knew How to Quit You!

I felt like it was time to stop blogging about my running and my fitness pursuits.

I considered the value of putting words down in this forum only to find no one is reading.

I thought, "If this is going to be a purely cathartic way for me to think through my running, why not just open a word document on my desktop and remove the self publication?"

No one cares about the idiosyncrasies of my training.  Plus, there are some race reports that just seem like they are not worth the time and the effort.

As someone who has taught others how to write serviceable papers, I know that the crux is the thesis.  After all, every piece of writing should have a point.

I guess here I could make my argument about how even stream of consciousness compositions have inherent aims and goals, but really that isn't the point of this post.

The fact remains that as much as I'd like to end this blog and start something new and seemingly 'more fitting' to my running adventures and goals, which include more than the trails, I seem to come back to the fact that I am most at home on the trails.

2010 was definitely a year where I spent way more time on the bike and on the roads, but that doesn't mean I was less of a trail runner.

In many ways I see the symbiotic relationship between trail running, ultra running, and the pursuit of accomplishing those things that seem impossible.  I realize sometimes my adventures may include only one of the above, but I also know that often times they include all three.

So there will be no 're-branding' for Runnin' Rob, and I will definitely consider a more reliable schedule of publication for this blog, but just like my philosophy on running and life, I want to make sure my dreams and goals are not bound by routine or anything predictable.

So here I go, just like the sign in front of the Quick Stop in the movie 'Clerks' reads:


Tracks of a Trail Runner traipses on.


Trail Pixie Trespas said...

R- Change is inevitable growth is optional. Hope you are faring well after the 50k! I love the background photo!

pathfinder said...

I think you will find you had more readers than you thought. I found with my blog that certain people would respond when I hit a cord or connected in some way with them.

So,out of 5 to 8 readers, I might only get 1 or 2 responses. Doesn't mean more weren't reading.

I find that reading others blogs and seeing their up, downs and whatevers, allowed me to vision and more understand my own.

I had similar feeling to you not so long ago and came to the conclusion that writing this stuff down creates a trail and a base for me to look back and try to understand who I really am as a runner.

In the end I found out that the writing was really more for me anyway and the fact that others read sometimes and a few connected at times.......well that is just a bonus.

Dan said...

Rob, I understand what you are saying. Sometimes I wonder why I spend valuable time blogging when I could be doing something more productive. Then I realize I do it only for myself, to reflect on where I've been, and perhaps, figure out where I'm heading. If others find enjoyment in reading my posts, all the better. If not, well, I'll keep at it anyway until I find no value in it.

Joshua Hill said...

Thanks for staying open and being true to who you are. I will write soemthing today, I promise :) Josh