Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trail Runner Scat... A Few Notes...

It has been way too long since I have posted anything on the blog, and I really have missed it.

The break has been a little utilitarian, because I really haven’t been up to much, but it has also been to focus on other life things.

Here are a few quick thoughts and updates:

*  TARC Spring Classic 50k thoughts.  I really wanted to write a full on race recap of this event, and I am sure as future endeavors develop I will keep coming back to this experience.  The over-reaching thought is that essentially this was a sign of my personal progress as an ultra runner, but it was fraught with learning moments.  My time was the product of bad conditions, a tougher than expected course, and a few bad choices during the race.  In the end, I accomplished my only real goal, which was to finish.  Plus, there were a lot of folks that didn’t show or dropped early, and I am proud I kept moving forward when things got tough.
*  Plans for the future… I have been repeatedly bitten by the 100 miler bug.  I want to do it, but it is like traveling to another continent during the 16th or 17th century – the lure of the grand adventure is there, and you may know people that have done it before, but there is so much that remains a mystery.  My initial plans are to try to qualify for VT this Fall by running the Stone Cat 50 Miler, and hopefully will learn enough during the process of training and racing to understand more of what it will take to get to the start line in Vermont prepared to go the distance.  Sure, it is ambitious, but running another marathon seems so boring. LOL.

*   Racing plans… Still going to go to the TARC Summer Classic 12 Hour and will do my best.  My plan is to use it as a ultra marathon seminar and internship with the venerable professors Pixie, Latour, O’Mara, Scotina, Morris, Lahham and Swistak.  Only plan, hang with them, run slow, push myself a little, and laugh a lot.

*  More racing plans… Looking at the TARC Fall Classic 50k as a nice primer for Stone Cat. 

*  Thoughts on footwear…  At a bit of a crossroads with the minimalist footwear experience.  I have lots of friends trying the Hoka brand of shoes, and I am curious, and heaven knows I am going to be logging tons of miles as a good wear test, but I am just not ready to drop that much money for shoes I haven’t heard enough about.  Making on last gasp with the minimal footwear, as I bought a pair of Saucony Kinvara’s and will be certainly keeping track of how well they hold up with the mileage I am sure to put in this Summer and Fall.  Some of my older minimal shoes have not performed well on longer runs, and I am wondering if it is because they are just older, or not built for higher mileage, but I am hoping the Kinvara’s can bridge the gap.

I will try to come up with more timely posts, and as my sights are set on a more substantial goal, I will surely continue to keep everyone posted on the journey.

As Emerson quipped, “Life is a journey, not a destination”.  I hope through this journey I will truly live.